Happy Holidays

The lights are up, the trees are standing, the smell of eggnog is all throughout the Christmas season!

Hello readers its yours truly Patrice Legoute here wishing you a Happy Holidays. I do hope you all are on Santa’s nice list, I can imagine it now you are all setting up your trees and setting up your stockings I know I have. Now in all seriousness I say to you Christmas is not a time where we say I want this or that or this. Instead it should be a time when we say how can I help someone in need, how can I give to the less fortunate how can I be a truely be in the Christmas season and/or Spirit. So then the next time you see someone who might be in need- help them out , do the holly jolly, right thing.

Merry Christmas,

Patrice Legoute

Welcome back!

Hello readers “long time now see” as you know summer is over and education and fall have begun, and I just wanted to make this post mostly for the children this time. “Write down your goal on a sheet of paper and keep it in your backpacks” even now as a High School student I still do it, I feel that when I am off track I open it up and read it out loud. Do this it will help keep you focused, it will benefit you greatly!

Till next time stay focused, keep your eye on the ball and have fun.

– Patrice A. Legoute